ACCESS 24H / 24, 7 J / 7 and 365 J / YEAR

Our General Membership Program offers our members access CLUB PRESTIGE program, dedicated to satisfying your every need in personal management, round the clock, 365 days a year.


This level of membership is a reactive service and you can speak to any member of the team. If you prefer to be supported by the same concierge for the duration of your membership, we suggest you consider joining the Executive Program or proprietary.


The Exclusive Membership Program offers our members an adviser exclusively listening to them in the area of their choice.

This is a level of personalized service, in which your Consultant seeks to know you better, that is to say, what you like and do not like. In addition, this service offers a degree of proactivity in terms of access to events and privileged information.


You also have the option to add a second Exclusive Advisor in any other region of the world. Exclusive your two advisers will work together to ensure that all your requirements are filled in perfectly coordinated.

This approach has proven very useful for our customers VIP customers and professionals from the entertainment world who travel frequently from one country to another.


Besides concierge services and personal management, Members can access VIP events, as well as unique and exclusive offers a wide range of interests, including nightlife, travel, restaurants, well-being and entertainment

Our extensive network of contacts allows us to get you restaurant tables, entries in nightclubs, tickets, events and items out of stock, not to the public scope and who are the subject to a waiting list. We will attach the services of the best; our teams are testing thousands of providers that we sort on the shutter to ensure you constantly outstanding quality.


Our Conseilors take the time to know you and work with a strictly limited number of Members, to guarantee the best quality of service imaginable.

Access to club PRESTIGE is offered through an annual membership.